Leister WeldPlast 600 Extrusion Welder 170.461


With this Perigee Rental you can expect a complete kit that include everything needed to perform your job quickly and efficiently.

This rental includes standard these Parts & Services:

  • Training of the tool by Leister Trained Engineers
  • The Weldplast 600 welder with extra-large stabilizing handle.
  • Carrying/Transport case
  • Two different Extrusion Welding Shoe Insert Accessories
  • (to direct the extruded plastic in different ways as needed for the job)
  • Ground Shipping to any US Address + Return Shipping
  • If any extra accesssories or materials are needed, please reach out to a team member to discuss.

About the Product:

The WELDPLAST 600 is the most powerful hand extruder on the market today. The ergonomically shaped extrusion welder blasts through hi-volume jobs with 6 kg/hr (13.2 lbs/hr ) output for plastic welding jobs like assembly/repair of tanks and containers.

Its double-sided rod intake gives the powerful Leister hand extruder more flexibility when welding large objects made of polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). These can includes tanks, electroplating tanks, water reservoirs, fish breeding tanks, flue gas scrubbing systems, pipelines, etc.

Weldplast 600 features:

  • Brushless drive motor for long service life
  • Data recording with the Leister-Quality-System (LQS)
  • Mechanical interfaces for easy mounting
  • Low energy consumption

In addition to it’s brushless blower motor, the WELDPLAST 600 is also equipped with a brushless drive motor. This makes it particularly powerful and durable, ensuring a long life-span with very little maintenance.

Specially designed for jobs using HDPE and PP, the WELDPLAST 600 is ideally suited for extrusion welding tanks and containers. With its specifically designed screw, preheating nozzles and variable handle positions, this hand extruder is well-rounded in its field. All of this makes Leister’s extruder the ideal plastic welding tool for large cross-sections.

With its mechanical and electrical interfaces, the WELDPLAST 600 is prepared and predestined for integration into semi-automated work processes. The increasing quality requirements for tanks and containers were also taken into account when developing this extruder. That is why the WELDPLAST 600 is equipped with the proven Leister Quality System (LQS). Via the myLeister app, the welding parameters can be clearly documented in a log while welding. This is an advantage for users, as it allows them to showcase the quality of the work they have carried out. The WELDPLAST 600 is designed for tank and container construction. Its counterpart for civil engineering is the WELDPLAST 605.

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