How to Rent / Try-Out / Lease With Us? ‚óŹ 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Browse The Store and Find Your Equipment

It all starts with finding what you need. 

Simply find the equipment or give us a call... +1.817.381.9398.  

When ready, add it to the cart.

Step 2: Set-Up Your Rental Period

Now it's time to pick your rental period, or the number of days, weeks or months that you need it for.

Simply click on Cart Icon and pick 'View Cart'.

Pick Rental Duration, like Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. 

We also offer Long-Term Rentals and Leases.

And give us a call if u need help... +1.817.381.9398.  

Step 3: Check Out

Review your order details and once everything looks great, click the 'Checkout' button.

Sign In..  or if this is your first rental from us, Sign Up for an account. 

Add your Payment Details and complete your rental transaction.  And give us a call if u need help... +1.817.381.9398.  

Now Relax, you got it rented.  We will ship the rental to you with an eye for when your project begins.

Step 4: Return Equipment Once Rental Term Has Completed

Project Finished?  Ready to return your rentals?

Give us a call and we'll send you the return shipping label. +1.817.381.9398.  

Now simply ship it back to us and we'll take it from there.

Need more time? Just keep it for longer.

Your rental term will automatically renew based on the original rental terms you selected. Just return the items once you are all done.  

And give us a call if u need help... +1.817.381.9398.