Leister Solano AT 120V / 1800W US plug, plastic case 162.274

Pick The Config Best for You:


With this Perigee Rental you can expect a complete kit that include everything needed to perform your job quickly and efficiently.

This rental includes standard these Parts & Services:

  • Training of the tool by Leister Trained Engineers
  • Leister Solano Heat Gun, configured as you selected.
  • Hardened Plastic Carrying/Transport case
  • If any extra accesssories or materials are needed, please reach out to a team member to discuss.

About the Product:

Customer feedback led us to the development of a heat gun that reflects their core needs. This is why Leister's SOLANO AT is lighter, quieter and more durable than any other heat gun. Learn more about Leister's SOLANO AT heat gun and its unbeatable advantages.

  • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
  • Long-lasting: thanks to its brushless motor and durable LEISTER heating element
  • Light and quiet: weighs 1.65 lbs. and runs extremely smooth at <65dB for efficient and effortless operation
  • Economical: saves up to 40% energy in Eco mode
  • Replaceable Heating Element: Easy to remove and replace, PN 142.717
  • Ergonomic: due to its convenient design
  • Safe: due to its Anti-Burn Design (ABD)
  • Simple: due to its intuitive operation
  • Controlled: consistent performance due to the intelligent temperature controller
  • Versatile: suitable for numerous applications in various industries

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