Leister FORTE S3 Powerful Heat Gun 10,000 volt power, with full speed & temp controls (107.030 is 230v, and 102.027 is 400v)

Pick The Config Best for You:


With this Perigee Rental you can expect a complete kit that include everything needed to perform your job quickly and efficiently.

This rental includes standard these Parts & Services:

  • Training of the tool by Leister Trained Engineers
  • Leister VARIMAT V2 Tarp Welding Machine
  • Hardened Wood Carrying/Transport case
  • If any extra accesssories or materials are needed, please reach out to a team member to discuss.

About the Product:

The FORTE S3 heat gun is a very powerful heat gun used to shrink films and hoods on packaged goods placed on pallets. A homogeneous hot air flow up to 650 C (1202 F) and 10 kW of power allow fast and uniform shrinking of various plastic sheets. The robust polyamide housing and the stable handle guarantee safety, making the FORTE S3 heat gun nearly indestructible.

The 10 m (32.8 ft.) long power cord allow increased flexibility with this heat gun, even in confined spaces. The stand integrated into the housing allows the device to be placed safely on every surface, even when it’s hot. Like all Leister products, the FORTE S3 is a robust and durable device, which has proven itself, even under rigorous conditions for freight forwarders, logistics centers, commerce and more industries.

  • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
  • Powerful heat gun 10,000 Watts
  • Flame-free fast efficient plastic shrinking machine
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Integrated handle and stand

    Part Numbers:   

    •   102.030  230 volt model
    •   102.027  400 volt model   


    • VOLTAGE:             230 V  or 400 V
    • FREQUENCY:        50/60 Hz
    • POWER:               10000 W
    • TEMPERATURE:    650 C   (1200 F)
    • AIRFLOW at 20 C  or 68 F:  1000 liters/min
    • STATIC PRESSURE:   1200 Pa
    • ECO-MODE:         No
    • DISPLAY:              No
    • E-DRIVE:              No
    • OUTDOOR USE:  Yes
    • NOZZLE CONNECTION  Inner Diameter: 92 mm / 3.6 in
    • NOZZLE LENGTH:   390.0 mm
    • DEVICE DIAMETER:  132 mm
    • HANDLE DIAMETER:  84 mm
    • WEIGHT   3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
    • POWER CABLE LENGTH:  10.0 m  (33 feet)
    • PLUG:    CEE blue, 5 poles, 32A
    • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:  Switzerland

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